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Approved at January 17, 2017 City Commission meeting

Hobbs' City Commission approves a $7,600 expense to send Hobbs' city manager to Harvard for training; however, the full amount was previously paid by check dated December 5, 2016, and the city is ineligible for any refund at the time of this vote.

Harvard!? Why?

#HarvardTrip is considered to be an expense covered under subsection f of John J. ("J.J.") Murphy's contract.

The mayor approved the expense in December without City Commission approval.


The Hobbs City Commission led by the Hobbs' mayor, Sam D. Cobb, ratifies the 'already-paid' training expense on January 17, 2017 for a program with a session start date of January 29, 2017 - twelve (12) days away.

The website for this program clearly states: "To receive a refund, you must submit a request to withdraw from the program session via e-mail to the Program Director at least three weeks before the program session start date or your tuition will be forfeited.

The city of Hobbs was ineligible for any refund at the time of the training approval on January 17, 2017

Public Input Denied

Public input was offered during discussion of #HarvardTrip.

Although the Hobbs municipal code enumerates responsibilities and duties for the mayor of the City of Hobbs, specifically to "call for public input on agenda items",  the mayor proclaims that he has "heard enough conversation on [#HarvardTrip]" and promptly denies any public input.

The city's ineligibility for a refund is never confirmed at this meeting.

The mayor states that "if [#HarvardTrip] doesn't pass, we'll deal with it."

The mayor's plan for dealing with a NO majority vote on #HarvardTrip was never revealed at this meeting.